Photo: Rasmus Larsen

Strangerous is an experimental artist based in Trondheim. She has performed at festivals such as the Emergency Festival (Nødutgangfestivalen), and Ung Nordisk Musik, and has released three albums.

Strangerous is a new voice in the borderland between noise, ambient, contemporary and everything else that defies normal genre conventions. She uses vocals, field recordings, various instruments and electronic processing of sound to create a soundscape that captures both the disturbing and the beautiful.

Attn:Magazine about Strangerous: “twisting the listener into a paradox of becoming both acquainted and alienated, pulling them into a buzzing, insidious greyscale trauma as the music churns like a horrid machine.”

Strangerous is the solo project of Nora E. Stemland

CHANT digital album / CD with linocut cover

Death by Anticipation digital album / USB drive

Ascendant Abyss LP / digital album / CD