Klubb Kanin 1997-2022

Klubb Kanin 1997-2022

4.- 5. NOV. @ KNUST. (Trondheim)

The first weekend of November we celebrate 25 years of doing what we do

KLUBB KANIN serves menus consisting of free improv, ambient, electro-acoustic, electronica, noise, theatrical performances and surrealist happenings.

KLUBB KANIN strives to break down the barriers between artist and listener. There are no headliners nor any backstage. It is always low-budget and based on a strong urge to perform.

KLUBB KANIN has presented over 111 events in Trondheim (Norway) since the start in 1997. The concept has also visited Oslo / Kristiansand / Kabelvåg / Selbu (Norway), Maspalomas (Gran Canaria) and Berlin (Germany).

KLUBB KANIN has been the springboard of many fine artists emerging from Norway, and it has spurned a lot of international collaborations.

KLUBB KANIN is origanised by the cultural network Origami Republika – an including and social network of people interested in the sharing of expressions; in music, text, video or on stage and in galleries. It now counts over 300 agents, who in turn have published hundreds of releases and performed well over a thousand concerts and actions live, all more or less obscure according to “the almost invisible art of” meme.


FRIdAY 4.11.

  • 19:00 KNUST opens
  • 20:00 Mess Age
  • 21:00 Tore H. Bøe listening session
  • 21:30 Origami All-Stars

SATurDay 5.11.

13:00 KKXXV Official Exhibition Opening feat. Origami Vokstervisse

KKXXV live session #1

  • 14:00 RIP Jester Man
  • 14:30 Kali Mbaaa
  • 15:00 A Melodyc Shivering Form
  • 15:30 Magdalena Manderlova
  • 16:00 ThB
  • 16:30 Kapotte Muziek KZ listening session w/ Origami Ballistika

KKXXV live session #2

  • 19:00 Mess Age
  • 19:30 Thomas Holme
  • 20:00 Steinar Stensen
  • 20:30 Strangerous
  • 21:00 Joakim Blattmann
  • 21:30 Lahestsan
  • 22:00 Anders Børup
  • 22:30 Michele Uccheddu
  • 23:00 M.A.S.
  • 23:23 Origami Replika

Linn Halvorsrød in the stairway between sets.
Miniature sound sculpture by Marie Lindeman Johansen.

No bar, no entrance fee, all-inclusive.

How to support?
Vipps 92839118 for support. All proceeds goes towards the event and taking care of our artists.